Uncertain of what games to buy? A word of advice

In this black Friday days you will see a lot of games in discount and if you’re like me, you will want to buy them all like pokemons. But considering you can’t or you shouldn’t I will give you some tips I use myself to know what to buy:

  • Prioritize: I have around 60 games I like to buy. I have different reasons. One of those is the fact I move from Playstation to Xbox ecosystem, so I want to replay some games just because I want to revive the story of they have FPS Boost or is improved to next-gen. So, for those reasons I must decide what I should buy. So prioritize, use any criteria important for you, for example, thing if you die tomorrow what games will you have like to play (sorry for the drama). Let’s continue with more straightforward tips
  • Buy first games you haven’t play before: In my big wishlist I have some games I haven’t play, so this is the first filter, think which games you haven’t play and make a filter, now…
  • Think of how long they are: Some people is lazy when they see as long game, but a long game means you won’t need to think in a new game to buy for a while, so prioritize that ones. There are some exceptions (Yes, I’m talking about you Resident evil 3) but for the most part, long games have an edge here
  • Put a line in the discount %: New games, if you can’t wait, you can only get them at retail price. So think of games you haven’t got and have a good discount. My inferior limit is 50% so if a game have that discount or me, qualify to be a possible buy
  • Limit the quantity: All games you want to buy aren’t games you’re gonna play right away. So think which ones you wanna play fist and put a limit number. 1 to 3 is a standard, but if you can afford a couple more, do it, but try to not overpass that limit you put for yourself.
  • Measure your HDD space: Another limit I found with my Xbox and N.Switch is that games you buy you download them right away. When I have a PS I buy games and growth my digital library without even download them right away. So you HDD is a good way to limit your buys too. A lot of games needs a lot of space, so, If you don’t have space, you can wait.
  • Check games that don’t get discount that often: Nintendo exclusives usually takes a long time to get discount. They do, they just don’t do it so often. So, if you want one of those, prioritize them. You never know when they go to discount again, they probably take to the next black Friday.
  • Use sites to help track discounts: Official wishlist are good way to track digital discounts, so use them. One site I’m being using is DekuDeals. This one even tracks physical discounts and different retailers so is pretty useful.

Well, those are my tips. I hope this help you out in the decision of what to buy.

Happy gaming!

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